The Hunt

The Hunt is an organisation which hosts Heroes of the Storm competitions in South Africa.

Sunday Lunch Brawl!


With giddy excitement The Hunt team is announcing the details of our first event! This event will be aimed towards the amateur players. These players can fine tune their tactics, test their strategies and fight off against their opponent in battle of skill until sudden death every Sunday 12:00 pm.

Unfortunately at this stage there will be no prizes but as the event gains momentum and exposure the possibility of prizes are not totally excluded. Now for the important details:

  • The first event will be held on 3 July 12:00pm
  •  The event will then be held every Sunday at 12:00 pm thereafter
  • As mentioned it is a sudden death match until finals, which in turn will be the best of 3 matches.
  • We would love to live stream the event to our Faithful’s so keep an ear out for updates regarding that.

Any questions you still need answers please contact us at Now let the brawl begin!

You can join our event here:

Hello world!


It is with great honour and pride that we bring you our first article on our new website. We are truly passionate about the world of Heroes of  the Storm and would love to make a positive impact on the wonderful Heroes of the Storm community. We are also very excited to be launching our very first event very soon and will try our utmost to make it a live streaming event. Please keep a look out for any updates on that and many more articles we will publish in the future. We are humbled to be part of your community and will try our utmost to be a valuable point for information and central to important events. For now we welcome you to THE HUNT!

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